Quoted from Ms. Carmicheal’s Blog Site

“On your own blog site, write a post that is a reflection on your learning in Chapter 3.  Reflect on the following items, as they apply to your learning in Math 11:

  • What was your personal muddiest point?  What did you find the most unclear; what did you understand the least?
  • Describe, in detail, 1 or 2 concepts that you will need to review the most before you write the chapter test.  What is it about the topic that is confusing you?  Where do you need help?

Your BAYLIM post does not need to be long.  The quality of your post is much more important than quantity.  Remember that this post is about your learning.  The reflection should represent your thoughts and feelings about your learning.  Happy Blogging!”

In my opinion this chapter was fairly easy, however, I still made many little errors that affected the whole equation. Even though I know the concepts, I feel that I need a bit more practice so that I stop making little mistakes, or at least catch them when I check my answers.

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